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In Steelform Lab, we have developed and obtained an optimized product, our skills are kept constantly updated to meet the needs of the Producers who do not have the opportunity to have their own internal Laboratory. Our product is turnkey tested with all international types of gas. In all made by STEELFORM products there is a long research: new materials, new solution technologies and new approaches for solving critical issues. The most extreme conditions are simulated in order to verify the behavior of the products during the approval phase. The laboratory also carries out 3D and 2D checks with real-time acquisitions and related processing. We satisfy the needs of our customers with high standards and continuous R&D; each component is CREATED TO GUARANTEE AN ATTRACTIVE DESIGN.

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Levelling Feet and Legs

We produce and sell stainless steel components for Ho.Re.CA equipment. Our range of adjustable feet and legs includes more than 2000 solutions for professional cooking, refrigerating and dishwashing equipment, capable to meet any expectations and customer’s requirements. Our adjustable feet and legs are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards and from the best raw materials, they are tested and certified, guaranteeing longevity.

Griddles and Frytops

Production of the plates with the following charatteristics:

  • customized drawing
  • Steel plates with Polished finishing
  • Chromed steel plates
  • plates available in Compound, Duplex or Trimetal material
  • Special working requests (with holes, grease channels, etc.)
  • Shot blasting with metal balls where required.
  • Sand blasting with glass balls where required.
  • Draining tube included where required.
  • Studs for mounting bulb holders or temperature probes on the bottom of the plate.

All processings are done internally at STEELFORM.

Piastre e Frytop

Produzione piastre con le seguenti caratteristiche:

  • Su disegno del cliente.
  • Piastre in acciaio al carbonio con finitura lucida.
  • Piastre in acciaio al carbonio cromate.
  • Piani in compound, duplex o triplex.
  • Lavorazioni speciali su richiesta (policasse, fori, canalette di scolo, ecc.).
  • Granigliatura con sfere metalliche ove richiesto.
  • Sabbiatura con microsfere di vetro ove richiesto.
  • Tubo di drenaggio incluso dove richiesto.
  • Prigionieri sul fondo per il montaggio portabulbo o sonde di temperatura nella parte inferiore.
  • Montaggio alzatina con saldatura Tig robotizzata.
  • Ripresa finitura dei paraschizzi.
  • Ispezione finale di saldatura CND.

Tutte le procedure vengono eseguite internamente presso gli stabilimenti Steelform..

Bratt pans and kettles

  • Co-design activities with the customer.
  • 80L and 120L standard stamped pans.
  • Rounded corners for easy cleaning.
  • Welding with MIG Technology.
  • Central Draining to facilitate emptiness.
  • Customized Central Outlet.

Stainless steel guarantees maximum hygiene and absence of contamination of the food inside the pan/kettle.
Kettles with large capacities:

  • 60L -80L – 100L – 140L – 200L
  • M.O.C.A. Compliance

Components for ovens

We are specialized in the production of stainless steel components for professional ovens: customized and patented STEELFORM gas heat exchangers, boilers, tubes with internal wings,etc.

Componenti per forni

Siamo specializzati nella produzione e brevetto di componenti in acciaio per forni professionali: da scambiatori di calore, a tubi alettati, fino alla realizzazione personalizzata di ciascun pezzo.

Components for dishwashers

We design and manufacture stainless steel components for dishwashers to contribute to the efficiency of the machine as much as possible: boilers, prewash arms, rinse arms and other parts.

Elementi per lavastoviglie

Disegniamo su misura e realizziamo elementi per lavastoviglie professionali per rendere il macchinario il più efficace ed efficiente ponendo attenzione all'ambiente ottenendo componenti "Saving water". Tra i questi in acciaio inox produciamo: rampe di lavaggio, scambiatori di calore e condotti di adduzione dell’acqua.

Scaffali in tubolare

Resistenti e adattabili a qualunque tipo di ambiente. I nostri scaffali e supporti in tubolare sono studiati per essere pratici da assemblare e compatibili con ogni necessità, grazie alla possibilità di aggiungere o togliere moduli alla struttura.

Shelf system

Durable and adaptable to any type of environment our shelves and tubular supports are designed to be simply assembled and are compatible with any need, thanks to the possibility of adding or removing easily modules to the structure.

Strutture in tubolare

Siamo il punto di riferimento per la produzione di componenti destinati all’uso di macchinari per l’enologia, anche su misure personalizzabili. Realizziamo tubi in acciaio inox AISI 316L per apparecchi professionali per il trattamento di vino, aceto, birra, succhi e acqua.

Componenti per macchine del caffè

Siamo il punto di riferimento per la produzione di componenti destinati alla produzione delle macchine del caffè. Rispetto ai materiali usati tradizionalmente per produrre le caldaie per macchine da caffè, l'acciaio inox oltre alle caratteristiche meccaniche superiori, presenta maggiore resistenza alla corrosione e al calcare; non è soggetto a restrizioni per uso in attrezzature e macchinari per il trattamento di bevande e liquidi alimentari ovvero è M.O.C.A. compliance. Si possono utilizzare diverse tipologie di acciaio Inox secondo la richiesta. Made in Italy 100%

Tube frames

We are the reference point for the production of components for the use of machinery for winemaking, even on customize sizes. We manufacture AISI 316L stainless steel pipes for professional appliances for the treatment of wine, vinegar, beer, juices and water.

Components for coffee machines

We are a reference for the production of coffee machine components. Stainless Steel compared to the traditional materials used to produce boilers for coffee machinespresents major resistance to corrosion and limestone; it is not subject to restrictionsand is M.O.C.A compliance free. Usage of different types of stainless steel based on the request. Made in Italy 100%

Components for ice cream and soft cream machines

Components for ice cream machines. We produce ice cream machines with automatic extraction in co-design with our customers. Our full range of mechanical production processes allows us to produce many components needed to build the ice cream machine; we produce the lids/doors with inlets for the ingredients and with outlets for the ice cream paste; we produce the internal blades of the ice cream paste in different versions. We can carry out all the processes necessary to produce the ice cream container, the "Carapina", adapting the piece to the needs of our customer. It is possible to develop a co-design product thanks to our knowledge and 50-year Company’s experience.

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