Submerged and surface pumps

We produce components for submerged and surface pumps, we make the necessary equipment for production
Of the component itself thanks to our consolidated know-how. In particular, we make bodies for submersible pumps
Suitable for installations in traditional wells, water tanks, collection tanks, light water courses, lakes etc.
We cover the entire production chain, investing constantly in our technological resources and
Humans, thus guaranteeing state-of-the-art production in accordance with recognized quality and safety standards.
The entire range is built on customer's design in AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel

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We make structural components for the interior lighting industry
And co-design road with our customer such as custom profiled poles
Stainless, Fe, Corten, Aluminum or other materials, lighting fixtures derived from
Folding and dimming, rings and spotlights.

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Sport discharges for motorcycles

We produce sports discharges for motorbikes, here are our product lines:

The material is plated, every resistance is won, the emotion takes shape. HYDROFORM is not just the name of a new line of discharges, it is something beyond the rules to get where only the imagination had dared to push. Download the catalog here

Designed exclusively for MV AGUSTA "THREE PISTONS" (F3, Brutal, Rivals, Dragster), HYDRO THREE is a unique, unbelievably beautiful and performing system in the world. Fully constructed and hand-welded by highly skilled technicians, HYDRO THREE can be requested in two different surface finishes: Stainless Steel and Black Ceramic Inox. Download the catalog here

It is born of passion, continuous research, the desire to overcome our limit. It is born for racing, to provide the Team and its riders with a winning product. EVOXTREME has been developed to challenge the extreme! Download the catalog here

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Oenological Components

We produce components for the enology sector, tubes, stoppers, sparkling wine, vinegar, beers, juices, water completely built in AISI 316L stainless steel for any production needs on customer's design.

Today we set ourselves as a benchmark for manufacturers and planters who demand from the manufacturer a relationship of partnership based on quality, reliability, service and assistance.

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